Traditions. Kazakh Bridal Ceremony

Topics: Marriage, Kazakhstan, Future Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Every nationality has its own traditions. Through these traditions you can learn more about culture, habits and life of the country. In Kazakhstan we have a lot of traditions connected with Islam, but I do not think I should speak about it. For my audience, in my opinion, it will be much more interesting to read something new, for example, about Kazakh wedding ceremony. From the very beginning it is known that marriage is very serious ceremony, which connects people to each other for their entire lives. Nowadays it is normal thing when man and woman get married and after some time they divorce. Long time ago it was really bad to act like that, it meant that you do not respect your culture and country at all. I think I should tell more about all this ceremony. The history of Kazakh weddings is long, and there is a lot of nonsenses there. I will describe only some of them, but in detail. Kazakh wedding ceremony acquired its own style and color, but many traditions were forgotten. I am going to tell about some very interesting niceties that you will not see in any other countries. This ceremony may last for weeks. Firstly man should give ‘kalym’ for his bride. ‘Kalym’ – it is something that you give to parents instead of daughter. Today ‘kalym’ is 15000 – 100000 s.u. In the past they gave horses or any other valuable animals. Groom comes to brides house and they get ‘bata’( means blessing) from Mullah. In brides house there are all the members of their families. After that everybody eat all Kazakh dishes like ‘beshbarmak’, ‘kuyrdak’, etc. When the day of wedding is known guests again meet at bride’s house. Relatives give them presents, and throw sweets, it is the symbol of happiness in their future life. In groom’s house ceremony is more interesting. In spite of the fact that Kazakh ladies do not cover their faces, when bride comes inside the house she covers her face. Ceremony of opening her face called ‘betashar’. At the wedding around 300 guests are invited....
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