Traditional vs Online Shopping Proposal

Topics: Electronic commerce, India, BRIC Pages: 5 (1133 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Analysing Consumer perception and Buying pattern in Traditional V/S Online Shopping for Electronic Goods.

Problem Statement:

Recent era has seen a huge surge in the use of internet and India is not lagging far behind. With the rise in number of internet users, many companies have started exploiting this as an opportunity to expand their business and target more consumers and create a dominant position in the business world. Companies have started to interact with customers and sell their products online. Some organisations specialise in such kind of business, for e.g. Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, Jabongg, etc. This new buzz of online shopping has made many traditional sellers ponder upon how to tackle such trends and whether or not to become a part of the same trend. Here, we are proposing to carry out a research to seek answers to this question, i.e. how are the consumers behaving and reacting to this new development and how have their perception regarding the traditional way of shopping has changed, i.e. if at all it has changed.

Research Objective:

In this research, we would be maintaining our focus on the electronics goods segment. The list of products that are sold online is endless and it ranges from babies diapers to suave sports cars, but we have decided to narrow down the products to electronic good only. This would include mobile phones, computers, and computer peripherals, mp3 players, and music system.

We would be seeking answers to the following questions:

• To check the awareness level of consumers w.r.t. online shopping

• To check the awareness level of consumers about online shopping portals related to electronic goods

• To notice if there is any shift in the buying patterns of the consumers due to such shopping portals

• To find out the reason for such a shift, if it exists

• To understand if people restrain from online shopping and if yes, than why

Importance of the Study:

As it has been stated in the objectives that we are seeking to understand the shift in the buying patterns of consumers. Such a research can be useful for:

• Finding the scope, if company wants to diverge into online shopping

• Finding out the most shopped electronic product via online buying

• Company to understand, how to much to diverge between online shopping and traditional shopping

• Finding out ways to improve the current online shopping experience

• Finding out the factors that make a consumer shift to online shopping

Literature Review:

In 2025 the Indian e-retail sales is to touch the $260 billion mark.

 In 2025 the Indian e-retail sales is to touch the $260 billion.  The dominant online sector is travel which accounts for over 70% of total online sales including airline tickets, hotel bookings and railway tickets. Retail is estimated to take a share of 10-15% Electronics and Apparel are the biggest categories in terms of online retail sales.

India among the fastest growing ecommerce market

According to the report generated by industry body ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) and ComScore, India has now entered into a list of fastest growing Internet markets ranking third among the fastest growing markets worldwide. Presently, internet user base in India is approximately 125 million, among the BRIC Nations, India has been the fastest growing market adding over 18 million internet users and growing at an annual rate of 41%. ASSOCHAM

India’s eCommerce market is small but will grow Strongly

An increasing number of global companies are eyeing the rapidly growing eCommerce market in India as improvements in infrastructure are made and India’s economy grows. As the world’s 11th-largest economy (and fourth-largest emerging economy after BRIC peers China, Brazil, and Russia), India is starting to appear on eBusiness...
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