Traditional vs. Online College at the Uop

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Traditional vs. Online College at the UOP:
A Compare and Contrast Essay
James B. Jackson III
Com 170
September 24, 2012
Bernard Bongang

Attending the University of Phoenix offers many options, whether students decide to attend classes on campus or online, but determining which suits them is a challenge. A student must really be in touch with his or her learning style to make the best selection. Upon enrolling, students receive a graduation team that guides them through every necessary step to walking across the stage as a University of Phoenix graduate. The first thing an enrollment counselor will assist a student with, after they have selected how they will attend and their major, will be getting familiar with the online learning system, which students are able to access at a campus and online. An enrollment counselor may invite you to a nearby campus if you have one and will also inform you that ‘all’ Phoenix students are welcome to the school and its student resource center or computer lab. In addition to the similarities described, both options include a 100% grading rubric, ebooks, participation credit, and learning teams. With all the similarities it may be a hard to distinguish a clear choice, but know that either is a rewarding opportunity. The differences in these two learning styles should aid in your final decision. After you have completed this reading, you will find out how interaction, classroom settings, and time commitment may play a part.

Beginning with the most obvious difference, we will start with the classroom settings of each. On-ground classes, if available, are taught at a University of Phoenix campus and are typically one day a week. This may not be ideal for those who have busy schedules, a lack of reliable transportation, or just do not prefer to occupy a classroom. If any of the aforementioned items relate on a personal level, then an online classroom may be better. Classes will contain various age groups of other...
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