Traditional vs Online Classes

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▪ Traditional Vs Online Classes
As a high school student traditional classes were always what I thought of when I though of a high school class. However when I got in the eleventh grade that all changed when i moved to Houston Texas. I was a part of the spring I.S.D in spring Texas, when I got offered some online classes to take.While in school I took everything normal for my grade level, except I took my english 11 class online. When I first started I wasn't sure that I was going to pass it or even like it. As time went on and I got the hang of it finally, and eventually fell in love with it. Let me tell you, there are some really big differences between the two types of classes as a whole. I would say the biggest difference would be the pace of your work, it's different online than in traditional. What I mean by this is if you are in a traditional class you have to work constantly, where as on online you can work when you want to at your pace. Then you have the luxury of typing online instead of writing everything everything out as you would in a traditional class. There are also some struggles that come with online classes and traditional classes, such as flexibility. While online classes are more flexible for students who have families and a tight schedule, its hard for students to fall behind. Where as if you are in a traditional class you can always be on top of your work and when assignments are due. Traditional classes give you the luxury of actually being in class 101 with the instructor, when online it's all web based communication. If you are somebody who needs to be taught by the actual teacher a traditional class is for you, if not online is a nice alternative to try. A big thing students worry about is social interaction with other students. Online classes let you interact with your classmates but not as you would be able to if you were really talking to a real person. If student interaction is an important factor to you, a...
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