Traditional vs. Contemporary Love Stories

Topics: Love, Emotion, Eric Clapton Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Every culture and society has a history of love stories. Stories about love have changed throughout time and adapted to whatever the current culture might be. But are these classic love tales better than modern tales of the twenty first century? Traditional love stories such as "Layla and Majnun" by Nizami are far superior to contemporary love stories such as "Middle Children" by Jane Rule. The characters have more powerful emotions of love in traditional love stories and the plot is more touching since the lovers can't be together as opposed to in modern stories, they can be together.

Nizami's traditional love story "Layla and Majnun" has more powerful emotions of love rather than Rule's contemporary love story "Middle Children". The character in Rule's story developed into a loving relationship but there wasn't much evidence of affection or passion throughout the story. The charcters never directly mention their feelings for each other, whereas Majnun spent most of his time singing songs to express his love and Layla could not get her mind off of him. "I cannot recall a single moment in my life that had not been spent thinking of you" p113. Another example to demonstrate their powerful love for each other would be the first moment they laid eyes on each other and had that instantaneous affect. "From their first day at school they were drawn to each other and as time passed, this spark of attraction grew into a burning flame of love" p105. Their love continued to grow more and more as time passed and neither Majnun or Layla could every have someone replace the love they had between them. The love and emotions they had for each other was so powerful that Layla once told her new husband, which was arranged by her father that "I will never be a wife"p112 and made it clear to her husband that she "could never love him" p112. Even though she married another man, she wasn't able to get her mind off Majnun and that is when she wrote to him saying: "I have endure...
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