Traditional Training Methods

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Traditional Training Methods
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Traditional Training Methods
While today’s organizations have a variety of training methods to choose from, the traditional training methods are holding strong and true. Technological advances have changed the way training occurs in many organizations. With the use of technology, employers have begun to charge into new frontiers in the training arena. A study on this topic still shows that “with 203 usable responses obtained. The results suggest that despite optimistic predictions, high-tech training methods have not been widely adopted, and use of these methods is expected to increase only modestly in the next several years” ( Erffmeyer. 1992). Proving that still, with all the advances, many organizations opt to use the tried and true methods of traditional training.

Instructor led classrooms are still seen in organizations. Classroom type training in which a trainer stands in front of the room full of trainees is still a viable way to get training done. Hands on techniques within the training classroom can also be a valuable traditional training tool to help professional development students get the training they need to become effective and efficient workers. Things such a dry erase boards, over head transparencies and storytelling are still effective tools in the professional and traditional training classrooms. A very effective technique is when the story telling method is utilized, trainees can ask questions and communicate with the instructor in non-threatening environment. It also gives trainee students the opportunity to assure they are fully understanding the information they are presented, with immediate responses to their inquisitions. Instructors can also utilize a variety of technology based methods such as power point presentations and video training. With this use of technology, instructors can use both the advantage of technology and the storytelling technique in the same training session.

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