Traditional Shopping vs E-Commerce

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  • Published: April 4, 2012
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The title of this study is “Traditional modes of shopping versus Online modes of shopping”. This topic was chosen because there have been recent debates of whether the E-Commerce will soon replace the traditional modes of shopping or not. This study was conducted with the main objective of finding out what the consumers actually prefer when it comes to shopping. The study was conducted in Bangalore itself taking a sample population of 50 people and with varied age groups ranging from 18 to 45. From analyzing the various benefits, advantages and shortcomings of the traditional modes of shopping and online modes of shopping, the traditional modes of shopping seemed to have majority takers with 33 of the total population opting for this mode whereas the remaining 17 chose the online modes of shopping. However when the members were asked as to whether E-Commerce will soon replace the traditional forms of shopping, 50% of the total sample population agreed saying yes while the remaining disagreed and some could not agree. After conducting this study, the preference of the modes of shopping was clearly understood after the analysis of both the qualitative and quantitative data. The results were favoring the traditional modes of shopping from which we can infer that this mode of shopping is still alive and also still preferred by many people. The analysis of benefits of this mode of shopping was also positive. The online modes of shopping, though having lesser preference also showcased positive results in terms of benefits and advantages. Many participants in this study also felt that both modes of shopping go hand in hand which means they prefer a bit of both. As both modes of shopping have positive benefits, consumers can engage in both the types of shopping. But the problem of all consumers having the broadband facilities need to be addressed, as all cannot afford a fast broadband connection. This is when they prefer to shop for the goods the...
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