Traditional Schooling V.S Home Schooling

Topics: Homeschooling, School, Education Pages: 4 (1175 words) Published: September 30, 2012
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Homeschooling vs. Traditional schooling
At the age of five I vividly remember my mother beating me with an extension cord, for “cheating” on a long division problem that she had constructed for me. I have always been [Doctoral-level comment (also recommended for any academic writer)--do not divide two-part verb beginning with has/have/had. Try to place "always" before or after the two-part verb (have been)--"always have been" or "have been always" (or place "always" later in the sentence)] bad at math, or that’s what I thought until about six months ago. At the age of 23 I finally realized that I am actually [Cliché: "actual" and "actually" are weak words whose meaning is nothing more than "in point of fact." They are often used as intensifiers but usually can be deleted with no change in meaning ] good at math, and that my drug- consumed mother had scarred me greater than I had thought. While some people see homeschooling as a nurturing environment and safer than traditional schooling, I believe that homeschooled children lose out on social, emotional, and academic opportunities.

There is so much opportunity for child abuse to go undetected when a child is homeschooled. Children who are [Writing suggestion: rewrite the sentence to remove "who are"] schooled traditionally have access to resources...
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