Traditional or Logical Dead Poets Society

Topics: Dead Poets Society, Carpe diem, Education Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Traditional or Logical

In the movie Dead Poets Society, there are many disagreements on how the children should learn. The issue being discussed was everyone believed that the traditional way of teaching was a superior technique of education and the school did not want to change. Once Mr. Keating came into the picture and started teaching in a new way, administrators believed he was in the wrong by the way he taught. If the opinion of the students mattered then Mr. Keating’s way was the best. Not one of the students were ever allowed to live their life to the fullest but Keating showed the students how to have fun but still learn. This all came to an end when one student took his own life and Mr. Keating’s free ways of thinking were blamed. Although the school, Welton Academy, believed the traditional method was best, Mr. Keating’s method of teaching helped his students make their own decisions and do things for themselves. Mr. Keating’s way of teaching inspired the students to live their lives to the fullest, look at everything in different ways, and prepared them for the future by teaching them to make their own decisions and learn to do things their selves.

Living their life to the fullest potential is one of the most important things that a person needs to focus on. A person needs to appreciate what they have been given and take advantage of it because they don’t know when it might be their last chance to do the activities that they want to do. Live it up and do your best because at the end of your life you should have no regrets. Living your life to the fullest a great thing to do. Mr. Keating had many different methods of teaching that helped better the students in life and make their own decisions.

One of Mr. Keating’s methods of teaching was to show the kids to look at everything in more than one view. He told the all of his students to stand on top of the desk to get the best look of the room because it gives...
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