Traditional Medicine vs. Tranditional Medicine

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Alternative medicine & Traditional medicine
Meme Lopez
CMA 160

The subject of Traditional medicine vs. alternate medicine is of great scrutiny and speculation. A healthy and a safe body is a shared objective by both systems. The healing of a system amounts to the removal of the particular disease. Both the systems have certain advantages over each other. In a critical circumstance traditional avenues are a preferred option; Alternative systems require time and may not be suitable in situations demanding results immediately.

Alternative medicine is also known as holistic medicine, natural healing, or homeopathic medicine. Alternative science is a combination of all the unconventional practices which are used to prevent, diagnose, improve and treat any form of illness Alternative medicine focus on the root medical problem that is causing the pain. Some say the collection of all knowledge. Practices and skills on age old theories or experiences consider disease as a deviation from normal functions of the entire system that is affected.the human body was designed with a healing mechanism, altermative medicine stimulates the human bafy’s natural healing process. The medication used cannot be prescribed, they are not FDA approved. There also is no insurance coverage available for using or taking the alternative medical route. Alternative medicines will not cause a harmful overdose, and are of no value when illegally sold as a “street drug”.

Modern health science, medical technology, surgery and associated practices, is commonly known as traditional medicine. Traditional medicine may be referred to as contemporary medicine or the western medicine. Traditional medicine is common practiced because the population have followed with the traditions throughout the years. Traditional medicine doesn’t consider other processes when treating a disease. It’s concerned with the organ affected and its treatment. Traditional medicine treatments are drugs, diet,...
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