Traditional Learning vs. eLearning

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Traditional Learning vs. eLearning
David Rashty,

Traditional Learning vs. eLearning
Once we free ourselves from the mental limits of
viewing this technology as a weak sister to face-toface synchronous education, the potentials to revolutionize education and learning become readily

Turrof, 1995

There is an argument that traditional learning is the best way of maintaining a learning process. Other models are always considered to be inferior or less efficient. There is no finding to support this argument, and research shows that eLearning models are at least as good as traditional learning.

Comparing traditional Learning and eLearning
When comparing learning an identical course in a traditional framework to a computer mediated learning framework, students have expressed higher satisfaction from the computermediated learning, and rated the learning as more effective than in the traditional framework. In other studies, too, it was argued that computer mediated or online learning is more effective and interactive.

Findings of research conducted in the seventies and eighties, comparing the use of computers as a learning environment, also indicated a slight improvement in the student’s achievements following use of a computer.

eLearning includes many components that are familiar from traditional learning, such as: presentation of ideas by the students, group discussions, arguments and many other forms of conveying information and accumulating knowledge. The contents of the course’s curriculum might be organized according to subjects and in a serial manner. eLearning also includes advantages which are not found in traditional learning, such as: time for digesting the information and responding, enhanced communication among the learners, both as regards quality and as regards urgency, knowledge being acquired and transferred among the learners themselves, the ability to conduct an open discussion, where each learner gets more of an equal standing than in a face-to-face discussion, access to information and to discussion ability, responses may be made around the clock with no restrictions, a higher motivation and involvement in the process on the part of the learners.

Traditional Learning vs. eLearning, Page 1

Traditional Learning vs. eLearning
David Rashty,
The very use of technology for learning has been found to have a positive effect on the student’s commitment to the learning process. Also, use of technology creates a greater commitment on the students’ part to learning.

The following table summarizes several opinions regarding the comparison between traditional learning and eLearning:

Classroom Discussions

Learning Process

Subject Matter

Traditional Learning
The teacher usually talks
more than the student
The learning is conducted
with the whole class
participating; there is almost
no group or individual study
The teacher conducts the
lesson according to the study
program and the existing

Emphases in the Learning

The students learn “what”
and not “how”; the students
and the teachers are busy
completing the required
subject matter quota; the
students are not involved in
inquiry-based education and
in solving problems, but
rather in tasks set by the


The students’ motivation is
low, and the subject matter is
“distant” from them.

Teacher’s Role

The teacher is the authority

Location of Learning

The learning takes place
within the classroom and the
The teacher dictates the
structure of the lesson and
the division of time

Lesson Structure

The student talks at least as
much as or more than the
Most of the learning process
takes place in groups or by
the individual student.
The student participates in
determining the subject
matter; the studying is based
on various sources of
information, including web
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