Traditional Indian Barbie

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  • Published : March 25, 2011
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This advertising campaign report is on product INDIAN BARBIE DOLL manufactured by Mattel Inc. Barbie was launched in March 1959. American bussiness women Ruth Handler (1961 to 2002) is credited with the creation of doll using German doll called Bild Lili as her inspiration. Ruth Handler often watched her daughter Barbara at a pay with dolls, that she often enjoyed giving them the adult role. At the time most children toy doll was representation of infants. Realising that there could be gap in market Handler suggested the idea of adult bodied doll to her husband Elliot the co-founder of MATTEL INC. toy company. It is estimated that over a billion of Barbie doll has been sold in 150 countries, with Mattel claiming that the three dolls sold every second. The sensational senorita from west comes viisiting the land of festivals during her odysses aquires the traditional idiosyncrasies of wonder women.She chooses to fly higher yet stays rooted in a manner which comes natuarlly to the women of incredible india. So come with us and discover the magic of desi damsel in BARBIE World. In the model its the two in one set which has the both the type of houses symbolising the sensational as well as traditional houses of barbie. The two in one set has many different accesories which when twisted, turn, flip, changes to traditional rajathani house of barbie. The pink glamorous house of barbie changes colourfull rajasthani home. The famous Barbie girl gets a look fresh look as she aquires a traditional culture of India. Vibrant state and extravagent ceremonies mark the festivities in a riot colour, tradition and customs. Mattel has designed Barbie in such a form that every state in India gets a look of its own. They have: *Wedding fantasy Barbie *Sundari gijrati Barbie *Roopvati rajasthani Barbie *New look saree Barbie etc..

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