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Topics: Malaysia, Building engineering, HVAC Pages: 10 (3014 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Iranica Journal of Energy & Environment 3 (Special Issue on Environmental Technology): 19-23, 2012 ISSN 2079-2115 IJEE an Official Peer Reviewed Journal of Babol Noshirvani University of Technology DOI: 10.5829/idosi.ijee.2012.03.05.04 BUT

Re-adaptation of Malay House Thermal Comfort Design Elements into Modern Building Elements – Case Study of Selangor Traditional Malay House & Low Energy Building in Malaysia Nur Hidayahtuljamilah Ramli

Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Abstract: The traditional Malay house is one of the richest components of Malay’s cultural heritage in Malaysia. Generally, the traditional Malay house is a reflection of the Malay community’s way of living. With greater global awareness of the environment and a renewed perspective on contemporary Malaysian architecture, architects and designers are once again looking for tropical solutions in building design. One of the main characteristics of traditional Malay house is that they are designed with a deep understanding and respect for nature, but this designwith-nature approach is no longer found in the modern buildings. The purpose is therefore to study the thermal comfort design elements such as building orientation, interior layout space, natural ventilation and lighting, window designs, and stack effect on the roof design. The investigation was carried out through observations, interviews and some research visits. A comprehensive research was accomplished on the adaptation of Malay house architecture elements with selected the Selangor traditional Malay house as the key study and one modern building which is the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water (MEGTW) building, Putrajaya. This study attempts to have recorded information for those who are interested and for the future generation because the traditional Malay house was evolved by the Malays over generations, adapting to their needs, culture and environment. This study is crucial to revive the awareness in the understanding and appreciation of the technique of thermal comfort design elements of traditional Malay house adapted into modern building design. Key words: Design elements; Green building; Thermal comfort; Traditional Malay house.

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study is to investigate the readaptation of Malay house on thermal comfort design elements in Selangor traditional Malay house into low energy buildings in Malaysia which is the MEGTW building in Putrajaya. The elements such as building orientation, interior layout space, natural ventilation and lighting, window designs, and stack effect on the roof design will be discussed in this paper. This process of identifying the thermal comfort design elements is crucial to understand how the vernacular architecture was built in deep understanding of Malaysian equatorial climate and how Malaysian designers and architects nowadays re-adapted the thermal comfort design elements into new modern building in order to maintain the thermal comfort of the building occupants. Traditional Malay House: The traditional Malay house is one of the richest components of Malaysia’s cultural heritage. A house was designed and built by the users themselves – the Malays in Malaysia – Corresponding Author:

according to their own needs and with a good understanding of nature and environment, incorporating and reflecting their way of life and culture [1, 2]. Furthermore, the design and the construction process in terms of energy efficiency, the indoor environmental qualities, sustainable site planning, the materials and resources used have always been essential aspects related to traditional Malay architectural practice. The Malay house is a perfect vernacular architecture in the past that is environmentally sustainable [2]. Traditional Malay houses have thermal comfort elements such as the use of local materials, the house orientation, high...
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