Traditional Assessment and Scoring Key Grading Form

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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Traditional Assessment and Scoring Key Grading Form
Shaun Stillwell
October 15, 2012
Shaitaisha Winston

Traditional Assessment
Baderman Island Resort needs to offer training opportunities for employee advancement. The goal is to provide all employees a chance to learn more about other positions they may be interested in for the future and retaining employees. The Assessment

Name:____________________________ Date______________________ Department________________________
1. What position would you like to learn more about at Baderman Island Resort, and why?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What tools are best for your learning retention?

• Audio
• Visual
• Lecture
• PowerPoint
3. Do you prefer online training, an instructor, or on the job training?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Are you able to understand and read English?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What computer skills do you have?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Baderman Island Resort will offer a chance to job shadow any position you are interested in learning more about. Which position do you see yourself in next? What steps are you taking to ensure this happens?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Explain a time when excellent customer service was difficult and...
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