Tradition: Fireworks and Spring Festival

Topics: Fireworks, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: December 17, 2012
The most happiest time in my childhood was every year's Spring Festival. Spring Festival may be China's most important event in a year. Chinese tradition don't follow the Generation calender, so guessing the date of Spring Festival becomes my fun. Before the New Year's Eve, family members would get together as soon as possible. Then we would begin to make a big meal for the Eve's dinner. I always enjoy the Eve's dinner very much, because I can eat many kinds of my favorite food as much as I can. My brothers, sisters and I also expect a tradition at the beginning of the dinner. Every adult would give us the Ya Sui Money, then we could use the money to buy ourselves gifts. We would also have our dinner with watching the Spring Festival Gala, it already becomes a tradition. I think having the Eve's dinner together would be a family's big happiness. And we would eat the Jiaozi on the morning of the next day and set off the firecrackers. There are too many fun of the Spring Festival. However, there are many people begin to think the Spring Festival is not important for them recently. I can't agree with them. This essay will show why the Spring Festival is so important. First, it let us feel the family love. Second, it let us remember our country's traditional culture. One important reason is that we can feel our family love. What this means you can feel the love through doing things with your family and talking with them. First, a family always do many things together. We are all getting very busy and have many works to do, so we can't spend much time with our family. In Spring Festival, we can make and have the Eve's dinner together. After the dinner, we would set...
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