Trader Joes vs Aldi

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Trader Joes vs. Aldi

The Trader Joe’s markets are generally rather small, and often rather crowded. There are no national brands, just Trader Joe branded merchandise and specialty foods. The quality of the food is impressive, though one can come across an occasional bad item. If you have upscale tastes, shopping at Trader Joe’s is a delight. The wine selection is great and very affordable. Trader Joes has a variety of cheese, cold cuts, fine meats, European style breads and a variety of other items that you can’t really find anywhere else. Some of the frozen and dry goods, such as vegetables, pasta and rice are superb, as are the canned foods, which are usually superior to supermarket brands and often at better prices. Trader Joe’s has its faults, however. In their ongoing efforts to make your shopping experience somewhat more adventurous, I noticed that they have a habit of moving their merchandise around to different parts of the store every so often. This sometimes makes it difficult to find things. Having smaller stores TJ’s sometimes can feel cramped. But the atmosphere at TJ’s is relaxed, and shoppers are usually polite and patient. Workers are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. On the flip side of Trader Joes, is Aldi. At Aldi grocery shopping feels like it is a grim and necessary duty, which is carried out by responsible adults seeking the best prices. Who are not concerned about the have the “name brand” food items in their cupboards. At Aldi, you must pay a 25-cent deposit for a basket in the parking lot before you even enter the store. You are also responsible for paying for bags and bagging your own groceries. They carried brands such as: “Savoritz”, “Fit & Easy” and “Happy Farms.” These brands are only found at Aldi’s and shoppers wouldn’t even know they existed unless they shopped at Aldi’s. Also at Aldi’s, you don’t really get any help from the workers. What you see is what you get. They cashiers...
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