Trader Joe's Report

Topics: Grocery store, Trader Joe's, Brand Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Research Problem
Trader Joe’s was established in the 1950’s and began as a convenient store but quickly transitioned into more of a novel design for exploratory food and beverages shoppers. Trader Joe’s is located in various areas within the 
United States, and San Francisco currently has three locations. There are 
4,000 items in stock and 80% of them are brand names. Trader Joe’s offers an array of products that are distinct from those sold in traditional 
supermarkets. The main focus of the company is the constantly changing 
product mix, which creates more uniqueness. Trader Joe’s offers value and a commitment of quality service through friendly and devoted employees along with a promise to offer quality products. A challenge that Trader Joe’s faces is the question of how to solve the expanding customer base and competing grocery stores such as Safeway and 
Lucky while maintaining their unique image and style. Some substantial 
questions to approach this problem are: How important is it to Trader Joe’s 
customers to lower the price of Trader Joe’s products? What factors make 
customers visit Trader Joe’s? Can Trader Joe’s products act as a substitute 
for Safeway’s products? And how can Trader Joe’s increase their reach to the 
costumer? Secondary Data Analysis

After screening through a numerous number of online resources, we have found some interesting articles and thoroughly studied them. As a result, we are now able to identify significant factors that will help explain our research question, which is "how Trader Joe's can expand its business to be able to compete with big-name retailers while maintaining their values and uniqueness." First, let us explore the strengths that Trader Joe's has over its competitors. According to the article, a researcher interviewed one customer who responded, " When you think about Trader Joe's, you think about innovative products." In our perspective, we believe it's a very true statement because Trader Joe's has always...
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