Trader Joe's Case Study Analysis

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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Trader Joe’s has internally created a brand for its company using a different strategy as compared to other supermarkets. Its approach of effective relationship-building program pleases customers through unrivaled customer service. This case study presents many factors that play a part in their customer relations strategy. Trader Joe’s does not focus on advertising. Rather, it focuses on effective internal communications with employees to build strong customer relationships. Trader Joe’s takes a progressive approach to internal communications by allowing their employees to bring their own creativity to the workplace, by providing them with the context in which their role contributes to the business success, and asking for employees feedback. Thus, the employees are able to shape and gives life to the brand. This strategy of customer relations heavily involves employees and much of Trader Joe’s success can be attributed to its internal communications. This approach is evident in everything the company does from the products that are on the shelves to the employees that work for the company. Trader Joe’s instills customer service values with employees by asking them to know the consumers. Janet Adamy of the Portland Oregonian said “employees know customers by name” and Chris Penttila of Entrepreneur magazine said employees “are a friendly and knowledgeable presence for customers navigating the aisles stocked with unique products” (Guth, and Marsh 183-187). Trader Joe’s has been ranked by Fortune magazine “among its 100 best places to work” (Lewis ix). At Trader Joe’s, “Compensation is generally much higher than the local supermarket competition” (Lewis ix). This sends a message to employees that they are valued. Also, Trader Joe’s is said to “value it employees as much as its customers. Their work is truly appreciated, their opinions matter, and they often determine which products make it to the shelves” (Lewis ix). In valuing their employees Trader Joe’s gains a...
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