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Trade Union

By | May 2007
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Industry relation is being hot news nowadays. Australia is one country that concern with the industrial relations to address disputes that possible occurred in the industry. Government as a major party intervenes as a middle party to resolve disputes among employees, employers, and unions. The government creates regulation in hope to calm down disputes between party involves. There are some numbers the reasons of declining of trade union in Australia and what the role of government in this field. Besides government, trade unions also responding to the decline of its existence by affording many particular efforts in order to maintain its survival. The government involvement brings impact to unions, employee and employers. Lastly, this report will address the trade unionism in future that would be foreseen to what many parties should consider about.

2.0History of industrial relations in Australia
Australia is a nation that was colonized by the British. Australia is wealth of mineral and energy resources that highly needed and is sparsely populated. It was found in 1901 and former colonial government established Commonwealth of Australia and then insisted federal government to have jurisdiction over employment and industrial relation. Australia has small population that 18 million people living in this country and gross domestic product (GNP) of $392 billion. Australia major in service sector that also predominant in United States (USA) and Canada. For 72 % are working in service, 23 % in industry and 5 % in agricultural sector. Under the constitution of federal government made industrial law for the prevention and settlement of industrial disputes. The establishment of systems of conciliation and arbitration had characteristic to the British –style, remind that Australia was colonized by the British, that had strong influence and played important role in Australia. The Commonwealth Court of conciliation and arbitration carried out both...

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