Trade Routes

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Eurasian (Silk Route) | |
|Social |The Silk Road separates China from Europe and Western Asia. It was a very dangerous route. Much of it| | |is taken up by the Taklimakan desert, one of the most hostile environments. There is almost no | | |vegetation, and very little rainfall. Sandstorms were very common, and killed many people. | |Political |The western end of the trade route developed earlier than the eastern end, because of the development| | |of the empires in the west, and the easier terrain of Persia and Syria. The Iranian empire of Persia | | |was in control of a large area of the Middle East. This extended as far as the Indian Kingdoms to the| | |east.  | |Economic |The Silk Road had a positive impact on China and other countries economies. The Bubonic plague spread| | |over the Silk Roads and led to the decrease in its use. | |Cultures |The rich culture along the Silk Road have enabled art historians to research many different regions | | |and empires. It contributed greatly to the cultural exchange between China and the West. |

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|The Mediterranean Sea | |Social |The ancient civilizations on the shores of the Mediterranean sea provided routes for trade. It was the | | |fastest and easiest way to move about especially if large quantities were involved. The route is | | |different because it connects 3 continents. Africa in the south,...
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