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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Trade Publication Review

I would say that the main differences between trade publications and consumer magazines are the audience and subject matter. Trade magazines often target one very specific business or career field. The articles inside talk and deal exclusively with that subject matter. They however might have a smaller or more regional distribution than a consumer publication. Consumer magazines, on the other hand, have a wider audience, and although they deal with women's subjects, crafting, and DIY they do so from a wider viewpoint.

The publisher of WWD Publications is Fairchild Fashion Media, a unit of Conde Nast. Paul Jowdy is the VP, Group Publisher of WWD. A 14-year veteran of Condé Nast, Jowdy served as Vice President and Publisher of Details and, prior to that, served as Publisher of Bon Appetite from 2005-2011. WWD target market goes anywhere to the young school student to an older professional fashion designer. WWD are currently changing and are attempting to reach more global market with their brand new website.

The issues I found most interesting were the article related to Oscar De La Renta and Cathy Horyn fashion feud. The article was basically about Cathy a fashion journalist writing her critic on Mr. De La Renta’s spring collecting, calling him a hotdog. After what was read Del La Renta came to WWD and commented that if he is a hotdog than she is a three day old hamburger. Needless to say they both squash the feud and went back to business.

I feel this article is something consumer would want to know only because rumors are spread daily and I believe for all the Oscar De La Renta’s fans a response to what was written was needed so that they can see it from both point of views but also to see that Del La Renta is very passionate about fashion.

The article discusses the revised retail strategy of fashion house Oscar de la Renta in 2012 as it expands its retail presence by renovating its New York City flagship store and...
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