Trade Offs

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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What are the trades-offs for increased wages for unionized workers related to productivity, profitability, and ability to compete? When we hear the word union we think of trouble from within the work place. When we think of increased wages we get happy because to us that is extra money but half of the time we don’t know at what price that extra money comes at. As for productivity when it comes to union workers getting a increase in wages they have to work harder because the company has to be able to afford a way to pay the money to all workers. When it comes to productivity, profitability and the ability to compete you have to make sure that you are really prepared in all aspects. You have to bring on people with higher knowledge of the company and what it is that you are trying to do. Also with higher pay you are looking at more production of the products. With the higher pay you have to make sure that you bring people in that are looking to work for the long run and not just for a quick buck. Managers have to make sure that the workers have all of the up to date machines and what is needed to get the job done correctly. What characteristics of a unionized environment could contribute to increased holding, and why? How might they be used in bargaining? What characteristics of a nonunionized environment could contribute to increased retention, and why? You know some of the things that could be used when it comes to increased retention would have to be things like cost of living. You can’t rent a place and have a child and still have to pay all bills and food while working on minimum wage so you have to pay the person enough to make ends meet. The cost of living for a person working and not making money is hard so not being in a union could lead to a problem of you having to borrow from one person to pay another person. Another thing would have to be insurance and health care cost. Working all you want is not enough to help pay for medical bills...
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