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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Sean Williams
Mrs. Whiddon
4th Block
Throughout History, people have studied about the Defense of human rights, and how they tied to the book Night. There are many excerptions from Night that violates the Articles of the Constitution. There are many explanations of why it happened. Many false accusations of articles were displayed throughout the story. Jews were dehumanized in this story and it proves it and shows how. Everyone in this book suffered some kind of pain or either suffered or died.

Article 1 of the constitution states that, “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” In Night however, this wasn’t the case. Millions of Jews were held captive in concentration camps in Auschwitz. They were forced against their own free will (rights). Most were tortured, or either killed. Only few survived this madness. Take Moshe the Beadle for example. Moshe was a man of work at a Hasidic Synagogue. He was very poor, but a man of his word, and strived to do his best. Elie’s father thinks his son is too young to learn Kabbalah, and that Kabbalah isn’t something that Elie should spend his time on. He keeps saying to his son, "There are no Cabbalists in Sighet." Moshe the Beadle sees Ellie crying while praying at the synagogue, and they have a kind of connection. They ended up talking most evenings at the synagogue. Eliezer confides in Moshe his desires to learn Kabbalah, and to Elie’s surprise, Moshe knows all about Kabbalah and starts to teach him. Then one day, the Hungarian police expelled all the foreign Jews from Sighet. Moshe the Beadle is actually a foreigner, so he and the others like him are packed into train cars like cattle. The Jews of Sighet think it’s a shame that the foreigners are carted away, but quickly forget, clearly not seeing this as a warning for their own futures. When Moshe returned no one believed the stories he told about his time captured.

In article 2 of the constitution, it says “No distinction of...
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