Trade in Latin America from 1450 to 1750.

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Trade in Latin America and India dramatically changed from 1450 to 1750. Around 1450 Latin America was not trading with Europe, Asia, or Africa. Around 1750 they were receiving slaves from Africa for plantation goods. In 1450, India was trading with Asia and east Africa through the Indian Ocean trade. In 1750 India traded a large number of textiles to Western Europe which ended up on Africa’s Western Coast and continued trade with eastern Asia and Africa. The changes Latin American and Indian trade underwent from 1450 to 1750 were due to the Western Europeans. Western Europe established trade with the Latin America’s by “discovering” them and then colonizing them. The diseases from the Old world infected the New World peoples and weakened them. Taking advantage of the native’s weakness and their technological superiority the Western Europeans enslaved the locals. They were enslaved to grow large quantities of sugar. Old world crops and animals were also brought over. To increase productivity and to make up for the death rate of the native slaves the Europeans involved Latin America in the triangle trade. The Europeans brought over slaves from Africa and received the plantation crops that the slaves helped grow. These goods were then taken to Western Europe. Western Europe was the main factor in the revolution of trade of Latin America. India in 1450 was an integral part of the Indian Ocean trade. Western Europe slowly monopolized trade in India. The East India Company, a joint stock company, was established in 1600 and the Dutch East India Company in 1602. These companies monopolized all trade to and from India’s east coast. The British soon ousted the Dutch and French to have complete control of Indian trade. The British traded large quantities of opium to China and had their whole population addicted. Western Europe was the main factor in the revolution of trade of India. Without Western Europe the Latin Americas would have remained isolated from Europe,...
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