Trade Fair Report

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Trade Fair report

Telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL
On Thursday 9th of December I have visited the Telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL. As the name already indicates it’s a telecommunication expo. The reason why I visited this trade fair is that we had to visit a b2b trade fair, and most b2b trade fairs you cannot visit as a student without an invitation or without paying al lot. And with this fair it was possible because it was the first time they were organizing this fair.

The telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL was specially organized for the IT sector but everybody from every company could go to this trade fair if they wanted.

The target group for this trade fair were it-professionals in all sectors. This was because those people need this kind of systems which were exposed on the trade fair. There was definitely a connection between the lay-out/set-up of the trade fair and the target group. Because it was really IT like, with all high tech equipment. It also had colouring, but totally different than on a trade fair like “de huishoudbeurs”.

My first impression of the Telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL was that it was small, but really good organized. Because at the entrance they checked you invitation. If you had forgotten your invitation or even didn’t had one they had a few computers were you could subscribe or just print your invitation. They took care of everything, and even had catering. Even it was the first time the organized the Telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL it really looked professional.

Four characteristics of good/effective sales techniques that I have noticed at the Telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL are: * Start talking to people who are look to your stand, try to figure out why they are on this specific trade fair. * Ask questions, why people are visiting this trade fair. * Show your product, explain the benefits.

* Figure out the problem of the visitors.

Four characteristics of poor sales techniques that I have noticed at the Telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL are: * Some sales people were eating in front or in their stand, I think that this is not good for the image of your company. * When sales people were talking to each other in the stand and not noticing when a visitor was paying attention to a stand. * They didn’t ask any questions to the visitor, why he was there and what his problem is, they were just telling their story about their product. * One man was working on his laptop instead of paying attention to the visitors.

Four basic recommendations for stall-based sales are:
* Give your business card to everybody you talk to.
* Be enthusiastic, believe in what you are doing.
* Be dressed and tidy appearance.
* Have a good opening question.

Three stall-holders on the Telecom Expo & Cloud Expo NL where: Kinect™ for XBOX360®
Ipswitch File Transfer
Microsoft® Lync™

Microsoft® Lync™
The reason why I choose for Microsoft® Lync™ is that they are a famous good known company who is bringing something new on the market, and I think it is a good thing to do this on a trade fair. For Microsoft this were the first steps into the telephone market. They launched their Telecom Platform Lync. Which makes from every computer and laptop a telephone. You get inside in each other’s availability. Whit one click can you choose how you want to communicate. Microsoft is a famous good known company. Microsoft® Lync™ had the biggest stall, in the middle of the trade fair. Around it were girls flyering to get people to the stall. Everybody was wearing a suit. They had more than 10 employees walking around on the trade fair. With a lot of promotional aids like business cards, laptops, 4 gigantic screens, and 16 widescreen televisions which al showed promotional video’s. The added value of the promotional aids was that when you saw one of the widescreen televisions with a promotional video you automatically stopped walking, and began to watch the video....
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