Trade Fair Report

Topics: Yachting, Luxury yacht, Shanghai Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Trade Fair Report
This past weekend, I attended the International Trade Fair Expo Lifestyle Shanghai Trade Show with other classmates. The trade show showcased a wide variety of luxury goods, from fine leathers, to luxurious yachts. There were many yacht brokers, dealers, and manufactures in attendance, showcasing their latest products and services and seeking out new ventures in the field of luxury goods. Upon entry to the event, it became clear that this event sought to seek the attention of very powerful individuals with the most refined and conspicuous of tastes. The trade show was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in the Expo Center complex. The expo center complex is located in the Pudong business area of Shanghai. It is an impressive patch in the fabric of Shanghai that shows China’s capitalist spirit. I attended the trade show with my fellow classmates, Diana La, Monica Pauperas, as well as classmate and colleague here at Zhejiang Agricultural & Forestry University, Courtney Eads.

Because we were not aware that the event was by invitation only, we explained our purposes for being at the show. After a brief quibble, we were granted access and were soon surrounded by
As this was a trade show on luxury goods, at the forefront of the event were various firms from the yachting industry. Representatives from Bayliner, Ferretti, and Fairline were all in attendance. These brokers had elaborate kiosks displaying their products. The Ferretti kiosk was set up as an interior of one of their yachts. There was a representative on site to take curious attendees on tours of their mock yachts. It appeared to be a living room in the most upscale penthouse. The mock-up yachts was adorned with all sorts of finery. There were flat-panel television screens, sumptuous leather surfaces, plush carpeting, fresh flowers, and detailed woodwork all around. The “windows” looked onto an artificial tropical beach, as if the craft were...
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