Trade Fair on Bangladesh

Topics: Private universities in Bangladesh, Private university, Council of Independent Colleges Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: May 25, 2012
National Debating Rankings 2007 University Ranking - English1. Independent University Bangladesh  2. Institute of Business Administration-IBA3. North South University 4. East West University5. Islamic University of Technology6. University of Dhaka7. LCLS8. Dhaka Medical College 9. Stamford University Bangladesh10. City University University Ranking - Bangla 1. BUET2. University of Dhaka3. East West University4. North South University5. Islamic University of Technology6. Stamford University Bangladesh 7. United International University8. Asian University of Bangladesh9. Jahangirnagar University10. Rajshahi University Best Championship Organizer - University1. Institute of Business Administration-IBA2. Asian University of Bangladesh3. United International University4. East West University5  Agriculture University Dhaka6. University of Dhaka7  American International University8. Islamic University of Technology 9. North South University10. BRACK University | | | |

3rd BDC Pre Worlds Ranking 1. Shabab Mirza-ISD 2. Aniqa Moinuddin-Mastermind 3. Nazmus Saddat-Mastermind 4. Navila Idris- Mastermind 5. Farhana Islam Muna-Mastermind 6. Kashpee Wahid-Mastermind 7. Sohara Mehhroz – Manarat 8. Sumaiya Anjum Kashfi-Manarat 9. Mehrab Bin Bakhtiyer-Manarat 10. Sidrat Zabeen-Mastermind 3rd BDC Pre Worlds Ranking 01.International School Dhaka02.Manarat International School 03.Mastermind School04.Sunnydale School05.Bangladesh International Tutorial06.European Standard School 07.The Aga Khan School 08.Norte Dame College09.The Red Brick School 10. Mapleleaf International School School and College Ranking – English  1. Manarat International School2. Mastermind Dhaka3. International School Dhaka4. Sunnydale International School5. Bangladesh International Tutorial 6. European Slandered School7. The Aga Khan School8. Mapleleaf International School 9. Notre Dame College10. Viqarunnisa Noon School and College Best Championship...
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