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  • Published : September 29, 2010
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Apply the Six Steps in Strategic planning to a local fast-food near.

The Six steps in the Strategic planning of a company includes: • Situation Analysis
• Objectives
• Identification of consumers
• Overall strategy
• Specific activities
• Control.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the fast food company that would be used to further explain the six steps of strategic planning.

Situation Analysis:
Is the tools used to evaluate and understand the opportunities and threats that a company may face from new companies entering in their industry or existing retailers. It main propose it to answer two general questions: 1. What is the firm’s current status?

2. In which direction should it be heading?
Situation analysis means being guided by an organizational mission, evaluating ownership and management options, and outlining the goods/service category to be sold. With this being said, KFC old hope road, is a food and service retailer of a franchised company knew global. According to the store manager, the company’s mission statement reads “to sell food in a fast, friendly environment that appeal to pride conscious, healthy minded consumers.” It is because of this that this retail and other KFC retailers throughout Jamaica display slogan like ‘No body does it better’, Finger linking good’, and currently ‘we do chicken right’.

Is a long-term or short-term performance targets a retailer hopes to attain. In the case of KFC, it objectives are the backbone to the quality of services and food that they provide to their costumers. A company may also wish to purse goals related to one or more of these areas like sales, profit, satisfaction of publics, and image.

Identification of consumer
This is a process whereby the retailers sought and group costumer to obtain their ideal target market. These targets market maybe seen in three major categories, either Mass Marketing, Concentrated marketing, or...
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