Trade and Mother

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Trading Places
Trading Places

Tazeen Ali 2-22-13
Language Arts 6-307

What if you could switch places with one adult in your life? What if you could someone else for a day? If I could trade places with one adult in my life for a day, I would trade with my mother. I am curious about what her life is like and of her lifelong experiences. Sometimes, I wonder how she feels about different things. I also find her job quite fascinating. It would be pretty cool to know what she goes through and be in her place for just a day. If we trade places with each other, we can better understand each other. Switching spots with my mother would be very interesting and fascinating.

First off, I would want to trade places with my mother because I’m curious about her life. I would like to know about her emotions and experiences. There are many different situations that my mother has been in and I wonder how she handled them. I would like to know how her job is like, or maybe even how hard it is. She does do a lot of work and always has a busy schedule. She may undergo numerous tough things and get stressed because of all of the things she must finish or take care of. It would be nice to learn more about my mother.

The next reason why I would switch lives with my mother is because we can possibly understand each other more. If we traded places, we would have experienced and felt the things that each of us go through, daily. We would know how one another endured tough situations which made us what we’re like today. I’m usually busy with homework and other things while she is doing her job as a lawyer. By switching spots with my mother, I can realize or know what she undergoes. This can help my mother and I conceive each other.

Lastly, trading places with my mother would be cool because of the incredible things she does. She has an awesome job that I believe is really marvelous. She works as a lawyer and does an amazing job at doing so. Almost...
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