Tracy Tolbert Lecture Summary

Topics: Business process outsourcing, Sales, Outsourcing Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: March 2, 2012
Tracy Tolbert
Exectuive Vice President, ACS, A Xerox Company
Who of you in this audience is a salesperson? We are all sales people. No matter what happens to you in the business world you are always selling. Randy was selling UVU to him and his wife by ennthusiactically telling him all of the virtues going on at UVU. Whether it's in academics or business we are always selling. Regardless of what you want to do in the business world you need to be capable of selling. Embrace it and be good at it.

Business Process Outsourcing- we do all this stuff for giant companies that they don't want to do. Desktop support, finance and accounting, HR. They do the stuff in the back office. UNA BASE technology. ACS is going to make us grow and we're a family owned company but we don't have a formal organization. Would you be interested in helping us? Almost didn't do it would have been the biggest mistake. ACS was sold to Xerox. The reasons ACS grows is because they sell, they wouldn't have had the opportunity to join with Xerox if they didn't sell.

Market value revenue is driven by sells. Sometimes you need to reach for the stars (Disney). They do it IT side of Disney. IBM, HP, and other big companies had the opportunity to bid on Disney so APS didn't know if they stood a chance. $1M dollars chasing Disney. At the time our biggest company was 50M to keep up with Disney starting bid was 180M. At the end of the day the client decided to split it, half with IBM and half with APS. Which was double what they've ever gotten. Sometimes you take a gamble and you need to stand behind it. Now they own ¾ of it and IBM owns ¼ of it.

Sometimes you have to sell to survive
Nike they run all of the it infostructure. Every client they have is with the Fortune 500 and they remind you of it. EDS (rival company) they win we lose and when they find out the jack ass won he's mad. (That guy use to work for them and he is very arogant and they had enough of him and he went back to...
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