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14 March 2013


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14 March 2013



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Tractor Dealers, Equipment Testers Take Sides on Nebraska Tractor Permit Rule Author: Clayton, Chris Publication info: Knight Ridder Tribune Business News [Washington] 03 Feb 2004: 1. ProQuest document link Abstract: [Gary Hellerich] used information from the tractor lab just recently. He wanted to compare the performance of newer tractor with a 1961 model he owned. The lab had the data on the old tractor that he needed. After comparing the two, he bought a newer model. [Leonard Bashford] said the tractor lab and permit fees were never an issue until he received a letter from Kubota Tractor Corp. officials in 1995. Kubota, based in Japan, makes tractors and construction equipment. Dave Hardies, Kubota sales manager at Omaha Tractor, said Kubota tractors can be sold anywhere in the world except Nebraska. Kubota tests its tractors at a lab in Japan, and results are accepted worldwide. Company officials refuse to pay the Nebraska permit fee to sell larger tractors in the state. Links: Linking Service Full text: To see more of the Omaha World-Herald, or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to Feb. 3--LINCOLN, Neb. -- Leonard Bashford was incensed upon learning about the latest lobbying effort to abolish Nebraska's requirement for tractor permits. At a breakfast with state lawmakers recently, members of the Iowa- Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association suggested that because future plans of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln call for razing the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab, maybe they should vote for a bill to eliminate tractor permits. Bashford, director of the lab, points out that the plans were old and never acted upon. "Over the years, the dealers have been less than truthful about the information they put out," said Bashford, director of the lab. Andy Goodman, executive director of the dealers association, said the breakfast is an annual event. No specific legislative agenda was discussed, he said. Nonetheless, Goodman argues that the state's current law can punish people who resell tractors in Nebraska. Farmers could be in violation if they sell a tractor they bought in Iowa that doesn't have a Nebraska permit, Goodman said. Under a 1920 law initiated by a legislator/farmer angered by shoddy equipment, the Nebraska Tractor Lab tests tractor performance to ensure that farm equipment meets manufacturers' advertised promises. Nebraska is the only state that requires a permit for manufacturers to sell larger tractors, those with 40 horsepower or more. Engineers at the test lab say the pending bill, Legislative Bill 212, is an attempt to put them out of business and prevent farmers from knowing how well the tractors they buy will perform. Equipment dealers say the bill eliminates an arcane process that prevents Nebraska farmers from buying tractors that are available in other states. The IowaNebraska Equipment Dealers Association has lobbied state lawmakers since at least the mid-1990s to abolish the permit requirement. The Legislature is expected to schedule a floor debate as early as this week on the permit bill. Sen. Bob Kremer of Aurora sponsored LB 212 last year, which survived the session and was held over for a vote this year. Kremer said he doesn't want to get rid of the lab, but he thinks the permits limit sales and options for buyers. "It's not fair that Nebraska is the only state that carries a burden that we can't sell certain tractors because they are not permitted," Kremer said. Evidence exists, however, that the permits have...
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