Tracks by Louise Erdrich

Topics: Speak Good English Movement, Anxiety Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Chapter 1, Nanapush Summary

Nanapush talks about the conditions of his Native American tribe in North Dakota. He is considered an elder although he is only fifty years old. Nanapush is talking to someone he calls Granddaughter about how he saves her mother, Fleur Pillager. Fleur recuperates and bonds with Nanapush over their dead families. When the weather permits, Fleur and Nanapush bury the dead Pillagers. Nanapush makes the clan markers, which is the symbol of a bear. Back at Nanapush's place, Nanapush and Fleur suffer from their losses. The new priest, Father Damian, interrupts them. He says that Fleur's cousin Moses has been found alive in the woods. Fleur and Nanapush are startled by his visit, but they are hospitable to their guest. The food and drink energizes Nanapush, and he talks nonstop with the.....

Chapter 2, Pauline Summary

Pauline says that Fleur drowns for the first time when she is a child. Another time, Fleur washes up from the lake when she is fifteen. The men that are there die soon after. After these incidents, men are wary of Fleur. People think the lake monster Misshepeshu desires her. It is hoped Fleur will be good, but after her recuperation with Nanapush, she becomes strange. Pauline is intimidated by her mysticism, which includes her tracks turning into animal paws. Pauline thinks the tall steeple of the Catholic Church in the town of Argus attracts Fleur, who gets work in the butcher shop. Pete Kozka is the owner, and Lily Vedder, Tor Grunewald, and Dutch James, are the employees. Pauline says she met Dutch through her Aunt Regina Puyat Kashpaw, who has

Chapter 3, Nanapush Summary

Nanapush recalls that before the surveying and sickness, an elder like him had family members to help him. He was assured his name would be carried on. Nanapush refuses to tell his name to Father Damian, and the government agent for their records. The Captain, lumber president, tribal members, and the Agent try to get Nanapush to sell his...
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