Tracking Your Teens: Fatal or Vital?

Topics: Adolescence, Tracking, Safety Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Tracking Your Teens:
Fatal or Vital?

Parents that track their teenage drivers are making a huge mistake. They shouldn’t track their children. It is an awful idea.
Tracking your driving teenagers could cause them to be rebellious. The knowledge that a parent is constantly watching over their shoulder could cause them to act out. With the SafeTrak system, a parent knows everywhere a child is and has been at any given time. A parent using SafeTrak knows every last thing about their child at all times (SafeTrak Advertisement). If a parent is constantly playing “Big Brother”, then the child has no freedom.

Another reason that SafeTrak is a bad idea is the monthly fee and constant service. You have to update the system every six months (SafeTrak Advertisement). Due to high costs and a troubled economy, some might not be able to afford the SafeTrak system. The high costs and the upkeep of the system could drain a family’s income, so the system is not a great idea.

The SafeTrak system is web-based (SafeTrak Advertisement), so there is always the chance of an error occurring. The risk of a web-based tracking system failing is extremely high. The internet is not perfect. At any given time, SafeTrak could lose connection, or show incorrect information. That could cause major confusion and distress. Internet connections fail constantly, making SafeTrak a bad idea.

The SafeTrak system is also a HUGE invasion of privacy (SafeTrak Advertisement). Teens deserve a little bit of privacy, and SafeTrak takes that away completely. The little amount of privacy a teen has is usually going to see a friend. This invasion of privacy is yet another reason that SafeTrak is a bad idea.

If you use this system, it gives the young driver one more distraction. The could have a fatal accident while fooling around with the GPS system. So, the choice is yours. Distraction, or safety precaution?
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