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Topics: Employment, Critical thinking, Recruitment Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: October 8, 2011
This study was envisioned by CHED to perform institutional analysis of the factors determining employability, the competencies / skills that should be developed, the hiring rates of graduates of various programs and identification of the most responsive or in demand course based on job waiting time of graduates.

The descriptive method of research was used in the study. The data were gathered through the alumni homepage, email, facebook, different alumni groups, and registrar's office and through the employers. The stratified sampling design was used in this study. From 2008-2009 to SY 2009-2010, there were …. graduates from Philippine State College of Aeronautics. The === graduates that comprised the sample were selected at random from the master list provided by the registrar's office whose contact numbers were available .

Findings revealed that 2004 graduates yielded the highest percentage of graduates who are presently employed and also had the shortest waiting time before landing their first job. The modal waiting time of the graduate respondents is 1-6 months and BS Accountancy graduates have the shortest waiting time (less than a month). Generally, male graduates have shorter waiting time than female graduates (less than a month). As regards to employability, all programs produced more employed graduates than unemployed. Moreover, among the programs surveyed, the ECE program had the highest number of employed graduates, while the IT program had the lowest number of employed graduates. It has been found out also that male graduates have bigger initial monthly gross income (P25,000 above) and found their job more relevant than female graduates. Both highest and lowest initial gross monthly income of graduates came from the ECE program. There were 161 or 77.03% of the graduate respondents who were able to land a job suited to the program completed in college. BS Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation and BSCS are programs that had the best match with...
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