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Topics: Higher education, Hotel, Education Pages: 8 (2529 words) Published: July 17, 2011
This Chapter presents the background of the study, problem and its significance, and the scope and delimitation of the study.

It must be acknowledge that University of La Salette has some of the best and finest education institutions in Philippines with well-equipped workshops and laboratories, internship programmes and professionally staffed with a variety of scholarly professionals. These institutions turn out a large number of diplomats, graduates and post graduate students in various disciplines and professions. In addition these institutions reform their curricula and course programmes at regular intervals to be able to keep abreast with the needs of the rapid technological, societal and institutional changes to be able to meet the requirement of the clients. However, once these graduates are push out of the walls of the institution which trained them, they are forgotten. They are not followed through the use of tracer study paradigm to find out about what they are doing with the training they received and what they need to help them improved their knowledge and skills on continuous bases to be able to meet the challenges of the flux of the changes in science and technology. In short, they are forgotten and neglected as wonders about the basis for curricula and course programmes reform in the Philippine higher education institutions to be able to introduce new courses to provide current knowledge and skills for their clients. This paper provides documentary analysis about the need to use the traces study paradigm for the enhancement of the course programmes offered in University of La Salette specifically for Hotel and Restaurant Management Programme to be able to meet the demands of changing educational, socio-economic, industrial and

technological demands of the new century.


P A G E |1

The importance of being educated and trained under the Hotel and Restaurant Management course is not only to learn about cooking (one should've studied culinary arts for that), but primarily to have the knowledge, skills, and the right preparations for a student to be ready to handle supervisory and management positions in hospitality management. For students to be trained under an instructor in a practical setting of a restaurant or any other similar establishment, the right mindset and attitude must be present. The performance of a student in managing even just a small business serves as an enhancement of his knowledge and skills. It works as a substantial internship for future work and management. For the purpose of this discussion tracer study will be taken to mean: A period when institutions of learning set up regular intervals of time to venture into the field and follow their past graduates to find out what are they doing with the training they received and find out from them how best they think the institutions who trained them will be able to help them upgrade their acquired knowledge and skills through the reform and innovation of curricula and course programmes including school-based or work-based professional development to live up to the expectations of the constantly changing technological and scientific working environment and employer demands. From the basis of the above definition, a tracer study should examine, though in-depth investigation, all the changes in the career patterns of the graduates who have passed through an institution with the aim to provide additional support services as well as the change in the curricula and then introduction of new programmes. Tracer studies can be used as a meter stick to evaluate programmes in order to improve upon them. In Philippines, contrary to what is happening in the highly developed countries, academic efforts connected to the interdependence of higher education institutions with workplace (world of work) have not been...
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