Trace Steps to Long Term Memory

Topics: Memory processes, Long-term memory, Memory Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: October 15, 2011
The Steps of Memory

How to trace the steps from stimuli to long term memory is an interesting process from the beginning to the end. Stimuli are used to study of memory the constant sequence to constant vowels.
First step is encoding where information is to be stored and retrieved into a memory for later use. This encoding is used to store items like images, sounds, colors or even numbers. Just as you would here a song on the radio, you will remember the tune, but not necessarily the words. (Davachi & Dobbs, 2008) The second stage of memory is storage. Storage is to have the stored information that will be used more than once or just once. The third stage is retrieval; it is named and stored so it can be recalled again for use.

Information comes into the environment, next to the sensory memory, then to the short term memory. If the information is not rehearsed it will start to deteriorate in about 20 seconds. Short term memory is selected from sensory memory, and then transferred to conscious awareness (Bonds-Raacke &Raacke, 2008) Long term memory is the stage where items are stored for a permanent basis. It is too retrieved and used over and over again as long it is significant and has all the necessary components to be remembered.

Proactive interference is the previous information blocks the retrieval of information just learned. Away to counteract proactive interference is to use extensive rehearsal, memorizing. Retroactive interference is information learned recently blocks the information learned previously.

Another type of forgetfulness is direct forgetting it is the lack of use, or difficult to retrieve from your long term memory. Fading is that you are unable to recall information because of not using it.

Distortion is information that has been altered from the original memory. Distortion is the Gestalt theory of forgetting. The suppression is the memory that is purposely hidden because of unpleasant or...
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