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Dodoma urban water supply and sewerage authority {DUWASA} it formed under law of No8 of 1997 section 3(1) like when it mobilized in law No12 of 2009 section 60.

DUWASA started as public institution from July 1 in 1998, with the aim in law to supply safe water and prevention of environment in Dodoma urban in the Dodoma municipal.

Authority of body of directors elected by minister within the permission to the section of water for advice of regional to administer. Body of director there are 10 member presenting the groups of public some of them are as follows; users of water for domestic use, business mans, government of religion municipal, street leader and women with permission of water sect ion

DUWASA aimed at providing services that is safe water and prevention of environment for business with use of meter to avoid bad uses of water, attraction of customer to use of water in good way in order to have services for other customer.

The DUWASA offices are located in Dodoma urban municipal situated along the UDOM road

This report based on customer service and collection of revenue office at DUWASA and some activities from external activities are made depending on each other to whole process of satisfying customer .tried to show the real picture revenue collection an customer services section.

In chapter two will discuss the whole activities department which is customer services and revenue collection section, in customer services I was deals with issue to prepare the form for customer who disconnected with the services with the services of water also all details I record in the book of keeping record, also I was discussed about customer services desk on how to handle and solve customer complaints.

More for that I was continued to explain on how to prepared the form for customer who needs services of sewerage to customer

In chapter three I was discuss the challenges which I faced at field, recommendation and conclusion.

The aim of DUWASA is to provide clean and safe water and a reliable and self cleanness to the customers found in Dodoma municipal with great sufficient work, and to have good employees with vision, effort and hard worker. And to use the accepted technology with the environment and to continue the hard work for the purpose of attaining the accepted goals.

DUWASA as an authoritative institution has the following rights;

• Employees not to be disturbed by a customer or any other institution when the employer is performing his duties

• To be liable or to hold another person liable when justice was not done.

• To be paid with regard to the work done to the customer.

• Also DUWASA as an authority has the following duties to perform;

• To make sure that the Customers get the availability of safe and clean water.

• To make sure that disposal of sewage system to its Customer is done in safe manner.

• To make sure that the availability of funds for ;the payment of electricity fee for operating the machines which supply water, running the office, to pay the numeration to the employees and building of the infrastructure and all water supply means, and the clearest environment and a place for investment for the purpose that the services would reach the Dodoma urban dwellers.

• To employ employees who are nationalist and wise.

• To collect debts as a result of the sale clean water.

• To avoid disturbance to the customers.

• While cooperating with other stake holders to help environment preservation along the sources of water.

The main objective of the institution is to be a sufficient authority in providing good hospitability with regard to safe and clean water and preservation of the environment for the future use



Actual works performed in the marketing...
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