Tqm (Total Quality Management)

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  • Published : February 27, 2010
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Total Quality Management formally known as total quality control emphasizes the crucial role of management in the quality process and utilizes a combination of methods, theories, techniques, and quality guru strategies for achieving world-class quality. TQM is not a complete solution formula as viewed by many but a lasting commitment to the process of continuous improvement. Total quality management is not a fad of the times, but rather a correction of the previous failures in management combined to produce a better management style when used appropriately (http://www.iejs.com, retrieved August 1, 2009).

The word “total” in Total Quality Management means that everyone in the organization participates in the overall effort in process improvement. Quality means meeting or exceeding customer (internal or external) expectation and management means improving and maintaining business processes or activities.

Communications, cultural transformation, participative management, customer focus and continuous improvement are the five basic elements of TQM. Communication is the exchange of information and understanding between two or more people. There is communication if the information is received and understood. A company will not be successful if it will not listen to employees and to its customers. If there is on fundamental principle of TQM, it is that quality is what the customer defines it as, not what the organization defines it to be.

TQM calls for a cultural transformation which requires a high level of workforce engagement wherein people do their utmost for the benefit of their customers and for the success of the organization. Cultural information implies that all employees must change their traditional way of thinking about business. It is a cultural change for everyone to be responsible for quality. For the past years, quality was viewed as a manufacturing problem only, but it has now become a service issue as well. TQM is...