Tqm (Total Quality Management)

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SUBJECT: TQM (Total Quality Management)


Total quality management
1. _____________ winning places a great deal of emphasis on training and support in with appropriate provision of resources. (Baldrige Award)

2. Persons working in a quality environment need sharp problem-solving ability in order to perform the quantitative work demanded by statistical process control, Pareto analysis etc. (true/false)

3. A company’s infrastructure, specifically their reward and compensation system provides an accurate picture of its ___________. (strategic goals)

4. Philips Crosby describes the human resource department as behind the times and the human resource executives as his own worst enemy. (true/false)

5. ________ throughout the organization should make sure that the good quality management practices are followed within the process of the function itself. (TQM, performance, values)

6. TQM philosophy emphasizes ___________, lateral communication, group effectiveness and responsibility for an entire process that has the ultimate outcome of customer satisfaction (flexibility, function, focusing)

7. A Deming-style “TQM” approach to improving __________ is rooted in the unglamorous and never fashionable discipline of statistics. (services quality)

8. SQC and its companion statistical process control were developed in the United States in the ______ and ______ by W.S Stewart, W.E. Deming, J.M. Juran, and others. (1930’s, 1940’s)

9. Despite the proven effectiveness of the techniques, many U.S. firms are reluctant to use it. (true/false)

10. SQC approach is designed to identify underlying cause of problems which cause process variations that are outside predetermined tolerances and to implement controls to fix the problems. (true/false)...
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