Tqm Project

Topics: Management, Process management, Quality assurance Pages: 20 (5031 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Total Quality Management
Program: BBA
Section: A

Final project

Submitted to:
Mr. Haris Aslam
Submitted by:
Usman Riasat 094005118
Humza Arshad 094005138
Ahmed Ali Awan 094005182
Muhammad Saad094005199
DATE: 29-12-12

Table of Contents

Executive Summary4

Introduction of Project 5
Purpose of Project
Introduction of Company

Process Management6
Value Creation Process
Description of Value Creation Process
Issues and Suggestions of Value Creation Process

Leadership 8
Quality Policies
Quality Standards
Supervisory Leadership
Public Responsibility and Citizenship
Strategic Role

Customer Focus 9
Who is Customer?
Customer Feedback

Employee Participation and Training 10
Compensation & Motivation
Recognition & Rewards

Supplier Relationship Management
Partnering and Long Term Commitment
Supplier Selection and Ratings
Factual Approach to Decision making
Quality Cost Analysis

Continues Improvement
Monthly Training programs
Brainstorming Sessions
PDCA Example

Quality Tools
Statistical Process Control Tools
1. Pareto diagram
2. Process flow diagram
3. Cause and effect diagram
4. Check sheet
5. Histogram
6. Control charts
Conclusion and Recommendations

Executive Summary
Quality is the main essence for any organization. Every business should focus on quality to get sustainable competitive advantage. To get quality every company should take some steps so that the customer gets product with zero defects, which ultimately will create customer satisfaction. In order to check and analyze that how the quality is managed in the practical world what strategies or quality tools are used, we have selected a rice factory which is Bismillah rice mill. Bismillah Rice Mill is one of the top leading exporters of Rice in Pakistan.As this is the manufacturing company so it deals with the B2B transactions. Its main customers are Whole Sellers and Retailers. In this project we have observed and examined various areas of the organization and all the quality practices which they implementing. In this project we have analyzed that whether quality principles and quality tools are being implemented or not in the company we selected. This organization is ISO certified they are using some quality principles and quality tools to ensure quality delivered to customer. They are using the principle of quality through leadership; top management is into making quality standards and quality policy for the organization which every employee of the organization has to fellow. They even set goals and targets for their employees, Supervisors of the organization are not dominant they give employees empowerment. The process management of the company is being also observed by us; the process of this rice mill is simple and automated but still there are employees working to manage and maintain the machines and are doing manual works like drying, testing etc. Customer relationship is more or less ignored in this firm, the relationship is there but they are not taking any major steps to make it stronger so we suggest that they must use a software or intelligence system which will manage the data base of all their customers and suppliers. It will be easier to interpret the customer behaviors and interpret the reputation of each suppliers and customers including whole sellers and retailers. Bismillah Rice...
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