TQM: Improving the Effectiveness and Flexibilities of Business

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Do it right the first time
Total quality management (TQM) is an integrated organisational effort designed to improve quality at every level. TQM is an approach to improving the effectiveness and flexibilities of business as a whole. It is essentially a way of organising and involving the whole organisation, every department, every activity and every single person at every level. TQM ensures that the management adopts a strategic overview of the quality and focuses on prevention rather than inspection. TQM is a process whereby the need to get everything right the first time and to continually improve the business production is required. Do It Right the First Time (DIRTFT) is a TQM approach where getting things right first time is important to ensure that the business focuses on the customer. “It” quite simply is the customer requirements. However, simple is not so simple. The customer requirements must be clearly defined and communicated. This is done with drawings and specifications but also must be considered when developing procedures and training programs, performing failure mode and effect analysis, and reviewing process capabilities. It is a concept that needs to be embraced within the business community now more than ever. Granted problems can occur which were not anticipated but the concept of doing something right the first time is a money saver for any business. The key to accomplishing this objective is having the right processes and instructions in clear language so all employees know what is expected of them. Businesses focus on their bottom line and attempt to evaluate how they can increase profits. It is an objective of all businesses who want to be successful and have a fair share of the marketplace for their products and services. The concept or culture in some cases may be difficult for some businesses but when they understand how they can profit, they readily accept the concept. The world of business today is different with a global economy....
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