Tqm Gurus and Tqm Framework

Topics: W. Edwards Deming, Quality management, Control chart Pages: 4 (945 words) Published: September 21, 2008
TQM framework begins with the knowledge provided by gurus of quality followed their contributions to the development of principles and practices and the tools and techniques. Some of these principles and practices along with the tools and techniques are used in the product/service realization activity. Feedback from internal/external customers or interested parties provides information to continually improve the organization’s system, product and services.

TQM Framework
Correlation of the blocks of TQM framework with that of the thoughts of Quality Gurus:

1. Principles and Practices

People and Relationship:

Dr. W. E. Deming summarized his views on management and its relationship with quality in his 14 points for management. Altogether, the 14 guidelines describe a fundamental basis for an organization’s culture. They define a process by which managers seeks out bad practices and habits and replace them with better, more effective practices. Deming used his 14 points for the management to emphasize the critical role of managers in TQM. He saw managers rather than workers or equipments as the real obstacle to TQM. Feigenbaum had talked about proactive quality leadership.

Customer Satisfaction
Dr. Deming said that quality also means anticipating the future needs of the customers to satisfy them. James Teboul illustrated with his model regarding customer satisfaction where the product/service square offered by the organization must match with the customer’s needs circle. Thereby satisfaction is achieved.

Employee Involvement
Maslow had discussed the needs of employee into Survival, Security, Social, Esteem and Self-actualization. Frederick Herzberg labeled motivating factors and dissatisfying factors for the employees. Deming and Scholtes has been criticized that traditional performance appraisal system. Deming stated that 85% of the problems are the results of the system.

Supplier Partnership
Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa has suggested...
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