Tpe Framework

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Problems/important issues

* There are no current major problems. TPE was created to tackle the prior problems: communication and collaboration, potential synergy was lost, efficiency was decreased * No organizational structure in place

* Assess if his current structure is doing what its supposed to (bring concepts from the book to prove if his concepts are working and improved the above problems) * Minor problem: critics argue that this model offered no solution to fundamental strategic issues, i.e., the shortage of reserves for policy holders in Taiwan Important notes:

* Since most communication is between business units, need to constantly assess the environment. * success may be caused from an economic boom
* Created drivers and sub-drivers which are the plan and strategies he follows to implement TPE too many managers; as stated there are more than 200 drivers and subdrivers which means you need a lot of managers to keep up with many drivers/subdrivers or overloading a sum of managers with many drivers that have sub drivers. This increases overhead costs -no clear method of how drivers and sub drivers are laid down; -good thing is they are doing a to do list for managers

so far, our decision is to keep the TPE framework because it has improved business practices in general

Concepts that may apply:
* contingency - one thing depends on other things and for org to be effective, there must be a goodness of fit between their structure and the condition in the external environment (chapter 1) collaboration of drivers to suit the environment. cant have an org with results that are foreign to the external environment that it resides in. if driver is affected by external environment, you can solve and tackle problem more easily because drivers depend on each other. * drivers are interconnected with one another; if one is not performed properly or ineffectively, each driver is depending on other drivers or subdrivers. if one of those sub drivers...
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