Toyota Tows and 5forces Analysis

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  • Published : February 7, 2010
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|TOWS |Strengths – S |Weaknesses – W | | | | | | |List Strengths |List Weaknesses | |Opportunities – O |SO Strategies |WO Strategies | | | | | |List Opportunities |Use strengths to take advantage of|Overcoming weaknesses by taking | | |opportunities |advantage of opportunities | |Threats – T |ST Strategies |WT Strategies | |List Threats | | | | |Use strengths to avoid threats |Minimize weaknesses and avoid | | | |threats |

SO Strategies – To be the Technological Leader
By combining the strength of us, that is variety of car model, and the opportunity of innovation on the automobile. Therefore, we can go to be the technology leader in automobile industry.

WO Strategies – Increase the sales volume
To solve the weakness of sales declined, we will combine it with the new more flexible regulation in respective countries. We will use this point in order to expand and motivate our sales volume for decrease the problem of sales declined.

ST Strategies – High performance and gain even economic slowdown About the threat that concern about the economic slowdown, we will use our strength that is the variety of car models combined with large market...
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