Toyota Strategic Marketing

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MAY 2012


Group Members : Lee Mei Yi (I12001036)
Tabish Mehboob (I1200xxxx)
Juliet Adeline Nakayiza(I11009554)
1.0 Introduction1
1.1 Products Evolution1
2.0 About Toyota4
2.1 Background of Toyota4
2.2 History of Toyota7
2.3 Organisation Structure9
2.4 Corporate Governance10
2.5 Leadership12
2.6 Vision and Mission and Core Values13
2.6.1 Vision Statement13
2.6.2 Mission Statement14
2.6.3 Core Values15
2.6.4 Analysis of Vision, Mission and Core Values18
2.7 Business theories19
2.8 Core Competencies20
2.8.1 Valuable Capabilities20
2.8.2 Rare Capabilities20
2.8.3 Costly to Imitate Capabilities21
2.8.4 Non-substitutable Capabilities21
2.9 Critical Success Factors22
2.10 Corporate Social Responsibilities24
2.11 Ethical Issues25
2.11.1 Code of Ethics25
2.11.2 Ethical Issues26
3.0 External environment Business Analysis27
3.1 Porter Five Forces Analysis27
3.1.1 The threat of new entrants27
3.1.2 The bargaining power of suppliers28
3.1.3 The bargaining power of buyers28
3.1.4 The threat of substitutes29
3.1.5 The intense of competitive rivalry29
3.2 PEST Analysis30
3.2.1 Political Factors30
3.2.2 Economical Factors31
3.2.3 Social Factors32
3.2.4 Technological Factors33
3.3 Competitors Analysis34
4.0 Internal Business Analysis36
4.1 SWOT Analysis36
4.1.1 Strengths36
4.1.2 Weaknesses38
4.1.3 Opportunities39
4.1.4 Threats40
4.2 Value Chain Analysis41
4.2.1 Primary activities41
4.2.1 Support activities44
4.3 BCG matrix45
4.4 Financial Analysis46
5.0 Current Strategic Issues50
6.0 Recommendations51
Evolving hybrid vehicles51
7.0 Conclusion52
8.0 References53

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Products Evolution

The history of Toyota begins when Sakichi Toyoda was operating a loom based company in Japan. With the economic depression and after war situations of World War II in Japan which relied earlier on imported vehicles, laid the foundation of the first Toyota production.

Figure 1.1.0

When in 1934, Kiichiro Toyoda, son of Sakichi Toyoda took over the company and launched its first ever two cylinder engine car at first with a 65-horse power straight six, it was a copy of the Chevrolet model Chrysler Airflow. This car was named as the first Toyoda Type A. 1935 marked the year when the first truck, model A1 and G1 and the second design, model AA as shown in Figure 1.1.0 were launched (Toyoland, n.d.). This Toyoda truck was a copy of the Chevrolet engine of that time with a capacity of one ton and a half to carry capacity.

Figure 1.1.1

In 1945, Toyota as a part of American peacetime production agreement was made and allowed to startup production. Toyoda then adopted the Kaizen and Lean manufacturing methods in its production. During year 1947, Toyota launched its long led brand model Toyopet Model SA as shown in Figure 1.1.1, it was a 55 mph from a 27 horsepower engine. Toyopet was the most popular brand of Toyota for years and until 1965. 600,000 cars were sold per year with the increasing demand in subsequent year.

Figure 1.1.2

In the following year, Toyota started producing a civilian truck named Land Cruiser in Figure 1.1.2. It was a jeep styled truck made under the idea of Dodge half a ton weapons carrier.

Figure 1.1.3

Crown, Toyota’s first luxury car (Figure 1.1.3) was launched in year 1955 with a four cylinder 1.5 litre engine. Along with the Corona, another famous brand of Toyota was launched in the same year and by 1964 and 50,000 units of these cars were being sold per month (Toyoland, n.d.).

Figure 1.1.4
In year 1964, Toyota Tiara or better known as Corona PT20 as shown in Figure 1.1.4...
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