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TOP 6 Selling cars in Pakistan
1.      Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla is a Japanese Car which is best seller car in Pakistan. It is available in many solid and metallic colors. It has 5 gear manual transmissions. Xli, GLi and 2.0D are its most popular models. Its price range is from 1,400,000 to 1,550,000 rupees.

2.      Suzuki Mehran
Suzuki Mehran is the best choice of average income people. It has simple design. Suzuki Mehran is also available in different colors and models (VX, VX CNG, VXR and VXR CNG). Suzuki Mehran is an economical and fuel saving car. Its price is from 480,000 to 585,000 rupees.

3.      Suzuki Cultus
Suzuki Cultus has very attractive compact design; beautiful interior and exterior. Gear Transmission is manual however it is equipped with power steering, power windows and power door locks. Suzuki Cultus VXRi model is available in Rs.891,000 and VXRi CNG model is available in Rs.938,000 in the market.

4.      Suzuki Bolan
Suzuki Bolan is an 8 seat van widely used in offices, schools and colleges for pick and drop. It is also used with some minor modifications by distributors. It is also known as Carry in Pakistan. It has 800cc four stroke engine. Its price is about 670,000 rupees.

5.      Suzuki Alto
Suzuki Alto is also a favorite Pakistani compact design Car. Suzuki Alto is equipped with Air Conditioner, Power Steering and Power Windows. Price of Suzuki Alto is varied by different models from Rs.693,000 to 753,000

6.      Honda City
Honda City is also famous car by a Japanese Car Company, Honda. Its design, exteriors and interiors are awesome and it is available in different colors. Manual or Automatic transmission is optional. It is one of the big cars which are widely used in Pakistan. Its price range is approximately 1,400,000 rupees.

Toyota Corolla Xli
The new gorgeous and mighty Toyota 2011 model is full of good features. It realises a high level fuel efficiency and performance. Toyota Corolla is not only the bestselling car in the world but also top-selling car in Asian auto market. Toyota Corolla 2011 model is refined mid-size four door sedan car of 10th generation. You can enjoy the ultimate driving experience on Toyota Corolla due to its super ECT transmission system and stunning acceleration.  Newly designed body structure, good-looking curved doors and beautiful front and rear lamps enhance the exterior attraction of the latest model of Toyota Xli/Gli 2011.

Wheelbase of the new 2011 Toyota Corolla is 102.4inch, thus giving the improved scope for the passenger space. It the 2011 Toyota additionally gives the shoppers with the second risk in the terms of engine, which has a 2.4 liter engine that will end up 158 horsepower in 6000 rpm. This proves robustness of the car, which has the overgrown, all alternative models that was launched previously by this company. Toyota Corolla not only provides you ample customization but also gives you impressive mileage i.e. overall fuel efficiency of Toyota Corolla is 14.5 km in one litre of petrol. Masterly crafted interior and eye catching exterior makes it executive sedan car. Overall this elegant car is a combination of performance, style and reliability. Pros of Toyota Corolla

* Super ECT Transmission system
* Cylinder type illumination points in rear
* Economic in its class
* 15 inch alloy wheels
* Automatic headlamps with sensors
* Attractive ergonomically designed spacious interior
* Nice performance on gas.
Toyota Corolla 2011 Problems
* Peak power could be improved.
* Toyota seemed to go to cheaper plastics in the last gen corolla. but the S corolla is higher end than LE and CE, so it may have a nicer dashboard. Also it’s not the fastest car, but its economical car. * Mods may consume your budge,

* Mods may consume your time.
* Performance mods are fairly expensive
* Some people have claimed the interior feels “cheap”. * More expensive

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