Toyota Operational Analysis

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Innovating to provide all you desire. TOYOTA KNOWS THE ROADS OF THE WORLD. This unmatched expertise and experience has been combined with a deep understanding of what owners look for in their cars to give shape to a never-before automobile, The Toyota Innova. The Innova is a result of a unique process that has broken new grounds in the way automobiles are created. The Innova brings together qualities never before seen together in an automobile. Fantastic ride quality and luxury coupled with versatile space; superior performance and driving pleasure with world class safety, advanced styling with solid durability.


Go Ahead and Conquer them all. Other cars will slow down and give way. An absolute powerhouse that goes to any extreme. With sculpted looks, spoiling comfort and thrilling features. City lanes or jungle trails. Gushing streams or rushing traffic. On road or offroad. On your Land Cruiser Prado, Go ahead, conquer them all.

Toyota's flagship Prestige sedan. It delivers the highest standards of driving refinement and performance. The Camry's spacious, luxurious and quite cabin has a finely crafted interior that provide unparalleled comfort. The driver and passengers are provided with an array of thoughtful amenities designed for comfort.

Corolla Altis
Once in a lifetime comes a car that redefines luxury and style. Which looks and feels like it belongs to a class above. And provides a driving experience so far beyond anything you’ve experienced, that you’ll either be overcome with awe, or stunned by envy. The all-new Corolla Altis.


The machine-output ratio at Toyota Motors is 2 to 3 times that of similar companies. For the same level of production, Toyota has far more equipment than most other companies and this is one of its strengths. Many people estimate that the average capacity utilization or operating rate to be about 40 percent. At that level, Toyota’s actual machine-output ratio ends up being either the same as, or somewhat better than that of other companies.


Over the previous years, the company has put in its best efforts to manufacture quality cars designed for its customers. To improve their efficiency, the company gives great importance to its human resource as the company believes that satisfied and quality conscious team can produced quality products. The company is using the philosophy of Kaizen for continuous improvement. It has become a way of life for the management of the company by doing these efforts towards their objectives.


| Company/Facility| Location| Certification Date|
 | TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION*1| Aichi| October 1997*2| | Tokyu Co., Ltd.| Aichi| November 2001|
| Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd.| Nagano| January 2002|
| Tokaiseiki Co., Ltd.| Shizuoka| March 2002|
| Nagao Kogyo Co., Ltd.| Aichi| October 2002|
| TOYOTA L&F Chubu Co., Ltd.| Aichi| November 2002| | Taikoh Transportation Co., Ltd.| Aichi| November 2002| | Unica Co., Ltd.| Aichi| November 2002|
| Izumi Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.| Aichi| December 2002|
| Altex Co., Ltd.| Shizuoka| September 2003|
| Miduho Industry Co., Ltd.| Aichi| September 2003|
| Hara Corporation| Gifu| January 2004|
| Iwama Loom Works, Ltd| Aichi| April 2004|
| SKM CORPORATION| Aichi| March 2004|
| Aichi Corporation| Saitama| July 2004|
| TOYOTA L&F Shizuoka Co., Ltd.| Shizuoka| July 2004| | TOYOTA L&F Tokyo Co., Ltd.| Tokyo| August 2004|
| TOYOTA L&F Kinki Co., Ltd.*3| Osaka| October 2004*4| | TOKAI KOUUN Co., Ltd.| Aichi| October 2004|
| Auto Service Taikoh Co.,Ltd.| Aichi| October 2005|
| Sun Valley Inc.| Aichi| November 2005|
| Sun River Co., Ltd.| Osaka| March 2006...
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