Toyota Motor Corporation: Strategic Analysis

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Toyota Motor Corporation: Strategic Analysis

Toyota Motor Corporation has been a dominant name in vehicle manufacturing for several decades. Despite the patriotic drive in the United States to "buy American", the company has held its own, remaining a dominant and continually growing company in the corporate world of transportation. Though this is quite an accomplishment, in and of itself, the many layers of the company reveal it to actually be a far more complex entity than the average consumer tends to realize. Quite an international entity, TMC has tackled the automotive market not only in its home-base of Japan and in America, but in numerous additional countries, including The Czech Republic and China. In addition to this, TMC has taken the initiative to remain current with contemporary issues of concern, addressing the additional corporate responsibilities of earth and environmental issues. In light of this, they have not only launched the production of new vehicles, but the production of the IMV Project in India, South Africa and Argentina, for the purpose of creating and identifying "more efficient and productive supply systems on a global scale"(TMC, 2006). Much more than just a car company, the Toyota Motor Corporation resides in numerous geographical sites, functioning to not only promote vehicle production, but to promote continuing improvement in the experience of mobility, striving to advance a society "where there is harmony between people, the earth and the environment"(TMC, 2006). The following report provides a comprehensive analysis of this successful motor vehicle corporation, elaborating on its seemingly infinite facets and its many ambitious endeavors. I. Present Status

Current Financial Performance
A company could not pick a more appropriate slogan than the slogan of the Toyota  Motor Corporation: Moving Forward-- because that is exactly what they appear to be doing. Reporting sales last year in excess of $179,083 million, TMC earned the title of the 8th largest company in the world by the Fortune Global 500 and 12th in terms of growth and revenue by Forbes Global 2000 (Wikipedia,2006). With a one -year sales growth of 3.7% and a net income growth of 7.1%, their reported net income for 2006 was an impressive $11,681 million (Hoover, 2006). Headquartered in Aichi, Japan, this company established in the 1930's by Kiichiro Toyota is predicted to become the largest automaker within the next 2 years. Producers of the Scion and Lexus, TMC has been named as highest in quality for both these product lines by J.D. Power's, as well as Consumer Reports. The number of vehicles Toyota Motor Corporation sells has recently exceeded 8.54 million in a fiscal year, putting them right behind GM and actually outselling Ford in some fiscal months. According to the Toyota Motor Corporation website, the company presented with the following return data for the 2006 fiscal year: Return on Revenues-8.9%, Return on Assets-5.2%, and Return on Equity-14.0%, with a shareholders' equity ratio of 36.8%. All return statistics are reflective of results after taxes (TMC, 2006). Enjoying huge market shares in several countries, TMC is the leader in market shares in Australia and commands an impressive portion of the U.S. market, reporting 1.61B shares out, in regards to a market cap of 207.44 Billion.(TMC, Yahoo, 2006). This is in addition to significant market shares in Europe and Africa, as well as a fast-growing market presence in Southeast Asia (Wikipedia, 2006). Well on its way to becoming the largest and most successful auto manufacturer in the world, the Toyota Motor Corporation is not only outdoing itself each fiscal year, but quickly proceeding to outdo its most challenging competitors. While General Motors continues to remain the most dominant auto manufacturer, presently, Toyota's growth rate significantly surpasses that of GM, implying that it will only be a matter of time before the company catches up to...
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