Toyota Marketing Strategy

Topics: Automobile, Companies of Japan, Toyota Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Toyota Motor Corporation, which is abbreviated as TMC, is a Japan based company that deals in automobiles and has its headquarters in Aichi, Japan. In 2010, Toyota was declared as the largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world in terms of production. It is a tremendously successful company. Any human who owns a brain, or any animal who owns a brain for that matter, would think what got them to reach this level of success. If the reason had to be explained in the smallest possible sentence, the sentence would have been; Toyota is Japanese. Of course, probably a good strategy and plan that these companies are using in order to fly as high as they are, but being a Japanese company definitely has something to do with it. The above-mentioned fact probably seems very bizarre and pointless right now but it is a fact. Moreover, I say this because Japanese companies tend to have a different strategy when it comes to marketing, selling, and achieving. A very few of these differences (between Japanese and other, especially American, companies that is) are mentioned below. The first difference which Toyota, similar to other Japanese companies, have form the rest is their outlook. Toyota’s understanding of the world and its clients seems to be a lot better than many automobile companies. Toyota knows how to deal with and handle its people in fact all of the world’s people, as it is reigning supreme these days. The owners and masterminds of Toyota believe in their instincts. They do not waste time in long and pointless surveys that only curtail the time and energy instead of actually allowing the company any insight into the public or client’s mind. They do not launch their gigantic and never ending programs, rather they rely on their common sense. Their strategy is to randomly start from the small scale, move on, and progress towards the large if the public accepts it. Therefore, if Toyota feels like launching something new it will probably do it, without making all the...
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