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Toyota Matrix IMC Campaign

Brent Lassere

Executive Summary

Launch a national campaign to increase brand awareness and improve brand image for the Toyota Matrix. This campaign will reposition the Matrix and help Toyota achieve its sales goal

Media Placement
Televesion, print and outdoor media will be used in harmony to create the desired impact without going over-budget. Billboards will feature teaser ads and provide support to TV & print. Mewdia planning focuses on reaching the right audience through optimum utilization of available funds

Campaign Focus
The campaign will focus on the youth market and present the Matrix as an Urban Utility Vehicle - combining style and functionality at an affordable price. The campagin will be in tune with Toyota’s imagemakeover efforts and is based upon research supoorted strategy

Integrated Marketing Communications
Promotions and events are targeted at the youngest group in the target audience and will take place at University Campuses. Public relations will use a two pronged approach working with Matrix owners and insurance companies.

Creative Emphasis
Matrix advertising will speak to the young in their own language. Product benefits will be conveyed using unique words that attract and describe at the same time. These tag words with high recall value will be the heart of all creative executions

Results will be tracked to guage the success of the campain in achieving its stated purpose. Executions will be pre-tested and posttested regularly. The campaign will respond to feedback and be flexible in making any necessary changes


The Toyota Matrix is classified as a subcompact cross-over utility vehicle (CUV). It was launched in February, 2002. It combines unique styling, practicality and affordability in one package. The Matrix is produced in three different versions: Matrix, Matrix XR, and the Matrix XRS. The projected volume to be produced is 70,000 units. The subcompact vehicle market is the second largest of all vehicle classes. New car sales amount to two million a year in this segment. The recent growth of the new subcompact body styles has sparked new interest in the segment. The CUV has features of different classes of vehicles melded into one. Here are some basic features you may find in any CUV. • • • • • • A traction oriented system for 4WD Higher stance Enclosed cargo carrying capacity Significant towing capacity Sporty styling Stable rugged platform Beetle Golf Lancer

Subcompact Market Share

Spectra PT Cruiser

Echo Corolla

Matrix Neon


Elantra Sentra

The market is in the very beginning of its growth stage, sales are expected to increase quickly for brands in this category. Toyota has a weak position in the youth segment of the consumer market. Therefore, it wishes to target its latest CUV offering toward 20-30 year old consumers. As of now, awareness about the Matrix is low in the desired market. The advertising challenge is to change the scenario in favor of Toyota by creating a youth oriented image and presenting the consumer benefits in an innovative campaign. The first step in this process is to understand the target audience from a product perspective.

Accent Protégé Vibe Sunbird Escort

Cavalier Saturn Sedan


Market Research

According to the American Demographics, Inc. (ADI) the majority of Gen X buyers (born between 1965 - 1976) are 27 to 36 years old and the Gen Y buyers (born between 1977-1994) are 26 years old or less. This has been a common and useful marketing segmentation. The age-wise division, presumably, is not rigid and only indicative. As such, the given target market for Toyota Matrix (20-30yr olds) overlaps two segments - Gen X & Gen Y. Even if we disregard this popular demographic classification, the socio-economic differences between a 20year old and 30year old are apparent. While 20-24 year olds are likely to be in college, 25-30year...
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